American DJ's Revo Scan LED: Say Hello to the Scanner REVOlution

Scanner effects have traditionally relied upon bright directional light sources like halogen and HID lamps to provide sufficient light for the mirror driven effect unit to produce a bright and exciting effect. Halogen bulbs, and less so HIDs, have proved to be somewhat inefficient due to the large amounts of heat they produce and thus require effect units powered by them to operate in duty cycles, or alternating periods of time in which the unit does not operate in order to avoid overheating. LED DJ effects have revolutionized scanners and other effects because they do not require duty cycles and have a very small energy draw. American DJ’s Revo Scan LED is one of the best LED scanners available. The Revo Scan LED remains cool and uses a meager 12w for its operation, allowing you the room to run more lights and other equipment on your circuits. The Revo Scan LED also saves you time and money replacing bulbs, the 52 RGBW LED bulbs are each rated at 100,000 hours, ensuring that the Revo Scan will burn bright for a long time. With a similar output to a 250w halogen lamp, the LEDs in this unit coupled with the 21˚ of its optics means that your dance floor will be swirling with color and light.

Like all American DJ lighting effects, the Revo Scan LED is easy to use and versatile when it comes to operation, making it a formidable lighting effect for any DJ or club owner. Whether you run it in DMX, Sound Active, or Master/Slave mode, the Revo Scan will bring life to your music. If you are looking to make the most out of your Revo Scan, trying using a haze or fog machine to emphasize the sharpness of the Revo Scan’s beams.

BulbAmerica has a wide selection of American DJ LED lighting effects so be sure to check them all out today! As usual, be sure to leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any additional concerns.
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