Singapore's ILUMA Complex Utilizes CFLs to Realize its Radical Architectural Lighting

For almost the entirety of the last decade LEDs have dominated architectural lighting, in particular the lighting of the façades of structures. The reasons for this are well known: LEDs and LED modules are durable, can be used in any configuration, light instantly, and can be individually addressed and controlled using controllers and computer software. Though LEDs have dominated, the imaginatively designed ILUMA entertainment complex in downtown Singapore demonstrates that LEDs are not the only option for façade lighting. The ILUMA complex houses a parking garage, stores, a theatre, and performance spaces and signals the further maturation of Singapore’s cultural hub, Bugis Street. According to the lighting designers of ILUMA’s façade, Realities:United, the façade’s design is comprised of 3,000 polycarbonate modules covering an area of about 54,000sqft. Of the 3,000 polycarbonate modules, 1,900 contain 4,000K compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps, giving the complex’s exterior swaths of warm light that is further diffused by its polycarbonate housings. The CFL lamps used in ILUMA’s façade are dimmable and are integrated in a system that interacts with pedestrians passing by and treats them to waves of light and unpredictable illuminated shapes. Realities:United implemented their CFL lamp-based installation to provide an alternative to the rigidity and commonness of LED façades, by engineering a somewhat shapeless and more abstract lighting scheme for the ILUMA comlplex.

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