The Xinbei Bridge Lights Up with Outdoor LEDs

The cable-stayed Xinbei Bridge connects Xinbei City and Taipei City in Taiwan and until recently, had been in dire need of a lighting makeover. The 1,300ft Xinbei Bridge had outdoor LED fixtures installed, particularly surrounding the 445ft concrete tower that holds the cables that keep the bridge upright. The LED color changing modules used 56 weatherproof wash fixtures, allowing for the tower, the underside of the bridge, and other sections of the bridge to be blanketed in rich, flat light. The Xinbei Bridge is a unique example of outdoor LED lighting because it was the lighting was integrated into the bridge’s design long after the bridge had been built. This may signal the beginning of a trend to outfit bridges that are currently in the dark with exciting light, to not only make the bridges safer but to make them spectacles and even tourist attractions.

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