Chauvet Heads for the Endzone in New Orleans

Earlier this week the New Orleans Saints, the winner of last year’s Super Bowl, kicked off their season and the team’s administration wanted to do it in a big way. They decided to use Champions Square, a 60,000 sqft plaza across from the SuperDome, to throw a giant tailgating party. For the event’s lighting designers the biggest questions became how does one light such a large outdoor space effectively and festively and which lights does one use? There were also performances by Taylor Swift and the Dave Matthews Band to add a concert element to the party and further complicate the situation. The Solomon Group turned to Chauvet's products to provide attractive and bright lighting that would illuminate tail gating area and to handle the concert lighting as well. Champion’s Plaza itself presented both a challenge and a lighting opportunity. The makeshift plaza, built from giant blocks made of scaffolding covered with cloth and giant photos of famous New Orleans Saints players, lent itself to the use of Chauvet LED ColorRADO series LED PAR cans.

The lighting designers used 364 ColoRADO 1 PARs to backlight the scaffolding and uplight the enlarged photographs of former and current Saints players. Champion’s Square was not only packed with vibrant light from the ColoRADOs, but featured large LED video screens as well so tailgaters could watch the game. The Taylor Swift and Dave Matthews Band concert were both illuminated by Chauvet LED moving heads, ColorRADO PARs, and other fixtures. The most amazing fact about the entire tailgating party was that despite the large number of LED PARs and LED panels, Champion Squared only drew 300amps of electricity.

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