ETC Outfits Ripon Cathedral with Source Four PARs

ETC is legendary in the stage lighting world for its Source Four technology and its Source Four PARs and ellipsoidals. Recently in England, at the world famous Ripon Cathedral, ETC had the opportunity to integrate its theatre lighting into an architectural lighting application when the Ripon Cathedral came to ETC and asked for their help in renovating their day-to-day and concert lighting. ETC installed in the cathedral two sets of its Source Four PARs. One of the sets, the set with 150w HID Source Four PARs, were installed to provide the cathedral with general lighting as well as illumination for central parts of the cathedral such as the nave, cross and altar. The other set of PARs were ETC’s 575w PARs, which were used when services and concerts were going on to complement the existing PAR with powerful and bold light. The technological sophistication, the durability, and quality of light of ETC’s PARS made them an easy choice for the designers renovating the Ripon Cathedral.

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