Say Goodnight to Odor with Compact Fluorescent Light

Air purifiers a great way to get rid of odors in your home or office. Unfortunately, they can be both cumbersome and expensive. Sunlite has recently come up with an inexpensive and compact solution, a compact fluorescent solution to be exact, to this problem. Sunlite’s O-ZONElite is a CFL twist bulb, available in 23w and 42w versions, coated with titanium oxide which is activated in a photocatalytic reaction as light passes through it. This reaction eliminates odors, bacteria, and fungi in rooms up to 10ft X 10ft. The O-ZONElite is a great choice in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basements, smoking rooms, and other spaces that are frequently exposed to odors, germs, and bacteria. With the Sunlite O-ZONElite, you are not only getting an odor/bacteria remover, but you are also getting a high quality CFL with a medium screw base and excellent color rendering. These bulbs are rated at 6,000hrs, so you will be keeping bright and odor free for a long time.

We have plenty of O-ZONElites for you to choose from, check it out today!
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