Chauvet Struts its Stuff on the Catwalk in Miami

When this year's SwimShow 2011 , the world’s foremost fashion show for designer swimwear, decided it needed colorful lighting to complement the models on the catwalk and match the exciting vibe of Miami, the show's host city, the lighting designers turned to Chauvet and their outstanding ColoRADO LED color changers. The lighting designers lit the catwalk’s backdrop with twelve ColoRADO 1 color changers to create an exciting pallet of light to match the models’ flashy swimwear. The dynamic color changing abilities of the ColoRADO 1 units were ideal for the 350 different fashion exhibitors. As the models strutted down the runway to the music, the ColoRADOs changed their patterns and colors accordingly, rounding out the experience for the audience. As each show went on, the lighting and colors would get brighter and more complex, creating a sense of building energy during the shows.

SwimShow 2011 highlighted how LED PARs are perfectly suited for exhibitions and non-traditional stage events. In addition to producing fabulous light and color changing, the 70w ColoRADO has minimal energy draws so you can maximize the lighting you are able to use on a single circuit. The uses for LED PARs are nearly boundless as Chauvet and SwimShow 2011 have shown. BulbAmerica stocks a wide array of Chauvet’s products and other LED PARs to get your lighting going. Check out what we have to offer! As usual, leave a question or comment on our blog or Facebook, or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further inquiries.
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