Make Your Event One of a Kind With Apollo's Gobos

Gobos are an integral part of any lighting effect system. Without gobos one would be limited to color and light shows, but with gobos a lighting designer can sculpt the available color and light into patterns and shapes that can capture the ambiance and mood of whatever the situation. As gobos become more common in not only scanners and DJ lighting effects but moving head units and outdoor projectors, the gobo itself has become that much more important. Apollo's outstanding steel and glass gobos are the best in the business and will make your show an unforgettable one.

Apollo offers low resolution and extremely high resolution glass and steel gobos. Apollo’s glass gobos are made from the finest quality borosilicate glass. Glass gobos are capable of producing much higher resolution and detailed images than steel gobos because they do not require bridging, a technique used to connect the separate lines of a design and thus maintain the integrity of the gobo image. Colored designs are also available with glass gobos, thus contributing an additional degree of excitement to your lighting that is not possible with steel gobos. Steel gobos, however are still highly valuable. Apollo’s steel gobos are made from 8mm stainless steel with high nickel and chromium content to ensure durability.Though Apollo glass gobos are able to withstand high temperatures, steel gobos are generally more durable than glass gobos and are better suited for use in fixtures that generate large quantities of heat such as ellipsoidals and followspots.

Apollo has some very special gobos, in particular their super resolution gobos and multi-color gobos. Apollo’s super resolution gobos depict images in vivid detail, allowing each facet of the image or pattern to be prominent and lively. Multi-colored gobos, which are made from multiple glass dichroic filters fused upon one another, are also an outstanding gobo. Apollo’s multi-colored gobos come in combinations of nearly every design imaginable while still maintaining the integrity of the image being presented.

I could go on and list the possible colors and patterns available but it would simply take too long. Suffice it to say that BulbAmerica stocks 1,758 different gobo patterns and images, so we probably have exactly the gobo you need plus much, much more. Check out what we have to offer, you won’t be disappointed!
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