Griven's Outdoor Lighting Attracts Investors to Ukrainian Business Park

Griven’s outdoor color changers are an important tool for any business or group that wants to draw attention to itself. This past winter in the city of Donetsk, southern Ukraine’s industrial center, employed Griven’s color changers to draw attention to its thriving commercial sector by illuminating the city’s new business park, the Stolichiny Business Center. By washing the main buildings of the Stolichiny Business Center in the rich light of Griven’s Kolorstream color changers, officials in Donetsk hoped to attract business owners who were looking for new or additional space for their businesses. Not only did Griven’s outdoor color changers illuminate the buildings with brilliant light, but they also made the buildings of the Stolichiny Business Center stand out against the other buildings in the area.
When it comes to outdoor lighting, Griven’s color changers cannot be beat. Their power, durability, and beautiful CYM color changing make them truly unrivaled. BulbAmerica carries Griven’s entire line of outdoor color changers and other products, so be sure to check out what we have to offer. As usual, be sure to leave your comments or questions on our blog or
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