Hitting the Spot: Chauvet's Q-Spot 260 LED Moving Head Moves and Turns Heads Too

As moving heads become lighter, more compact, and more affordable, they are no longer a luxury lighting fixture reserved for large scale stadium and venue lighting. Rather, these largely LED powered moving heads are finding their ways into the lighting arsenals of bands, DJs, event planners, and clubs of all sizes. Chauvet’s Q-Spot 260 LED moving head is a powerful, compact, and thoroughly exciting moving head that deserves attention from mobile DJs to major venues. The Q-Spot 260 features a 60w LED lamp with similar performance to a 250w HID lamp, producing 5,400lx. The Q-Spot’s 60w lamp can be expected to burn for 50,000hrs, so you know your moving heads will be turning heads for a long time. With its 540° pan and 270° tilt, the Q-spot is fully mobile, and moves smoothly, quickly, and silently. With its eight colors (+ white) and glass and metal gobos, the Q-Spot has what you need for endless color and texture combinations. Couple these features with its 100% dimming, variable electronic strobe, and dimming, and you have an unmatched LED moving head. Chauvet has outfitted the Q-Spot with all of the controlling options you’d expect from a high performance moving head: 11 or 14 channel DMX control, 255 programmable steps (w/o controller), and numerous built-in programs.

This is just a summary of the features and capabilities of the Q-Spot 260. To really see how good this moving head is you’ll simply have to pick up one yourself and give it a go. BulbAmerica has the Q-Spot 260 and many other LED moving heads to choose from so check them all out today. In addition, check out our extensive catalog of Chauvet products. For any remaining questions or concerns please contact us via our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897.
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