South Korea's Banpo Bridge: Water and Light Over the Han River

Connecting the Seocho and Yongsan districts and spanning the Han River in Seoul, South Korea, is the Banpo Bridge, which in 2009 was outfitted with the world’s largest fountain and an accompanying lighting system. Of the bridge’s 3,740ft (1,140m) span, the fountain extends 1,870ft (570m) on either side of the bridge with its 380 nozzles spraying 190 tons of water per minute, up to 65ft (20m) from the bridge out into the water. At night, the bridge’s 190 IP65 rated color changing metal halide luminaires. At night, as music is pumped in the fountain’s nozzles dance to the music and the outdoor color changing units project their brilliant light creating a beautiful effect as it passes through the jets of water and spray created by the fountain.

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