What would we do if light bulbs didn't exist ?

Here is a great night time exercise for anyone that uses any kind of lighting.

Close your eyes and ask yourself, " What if light bulbs simply didn't exist? 

Take a moment to think about how you would fulfill regular everyday routines without them? (In my opinion, the world would be a different place).

The light bulb is perhaps one of the most essential  inventions of our time. With the Light Bulb, we have light after dark, which enables us to enjoy sundown to it's fullest. There are many activities that would not be possible without artificial light but here are a few that I think are vital: preparing meals / eating, performing surgeries, and traveling at night... (feel free to comment to this blog post and add in some of your own).

The list of activities that light bulbs allows us achieve is virtually endless. To name a few, we wouldn't be able to enjoy a nightly stroll, go to restaurants, watch television (we wouldn't be able to find the remote in the dark), and the list can go on forever. 

When you take a step back and think about it, light bulbs bring people together. For example: They are the reason families can get together to decorate around Christmas time. They also light up sporting events for the world to watch. Can you imagine Carnival in Rio De Janeiro without any lights! (I get sad just thinking about it).

I would like to close using the old joke about “how many light bulbs does it take to change a light bulb? Its generally a funny question, but for Bulb America, the answer has always been easy to answer. (After all, we have lighting technicians on staff!) 

The BulbAmerica.com lighting technicians are here to serve you and if you have a "how many light bulbs does it take" question for them, please comment within our blog and we will be happy to do our best and share an answer.

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