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To Infinity and Bayonne: LEDs Serve as a Monument to 9/11

The Bayonne Bridge connects Bayonne, New Jersey, with Staten Island, New York and is the fourth longest steel arch bridge in the world. In memory of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers, the New York Port Authority, the organization in charge of the bridge’s upkeep, in 2009 approved a plan to install red, white, and blue LEDs along the steel arch of the bridge. The busy Bayonne Bridge sees approximately 20,000 automobiles a day, so the monument to the fallen of 9/11 would have a large audience to appreciate the ambitious installation and its patriotic message. The brightness, durability, and colorful capacities of LEDs made them perfect for this project and other outdoor lighting projects like it.

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The Cairo Tower: Standing Tall and Burning Bright with Philps' LEDs

In Cairo, Egypt’s capital city, stands the 613ft Cairo tower. Constructed between 1956 to 1961, the Cairo Tower was and continues to be a monument to Egypt’s ascendance as a world power and a key Middle Eastern nation. Recently, the Egyptian government sought out Philips and their advanced 
LED technologies to revitalize the tower by adorning its lotus-like exterior with spectacular 
color changing LED lighting . The Egyptian government was attracted to Philips’ 
because they could contribute rich colors to the skyline while using little electricity and requiring little maintenance.
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Fun-Identified Flying Objects: LEDs Go Extraterrestrial

If you’ve read this blog with any regularity you’ve probably read at least one article about the architectural and entertainment applications of LEDs. In this article I’m going to detail another application of LED technology that is truly out of this world, namely UFO lighting. New York artist Peter Coffin recently completed a 23ft in diameter UFO that featured 3,000 individually addressed bulbs that were controlled via a computer to create vibrant extraterrestrial lighting. Coffin and his team took their remote control LED UFO on a flight through the historic city of Gdansk, Poland to the delight, and among some, the disquiet of pedestrians on the ground. The LED UFO has also made a flight through the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, and before a crowd of 500,000 displayed its impressive color changing LEDs and its elegant flight.

Peter Coffin’s LED UFO is the likely the most creative uses of LEDs I’ve come across thus far. Indeed, LEDs are not only ideal for spacecraft, but their durability and compact packages make them ideal for aircraft, watercraft, and automobiles as well. BulbAmerica stocks a wide array of LED products perfect for all applications. LEDs will last long, likely never fail, and will save you money. As usual, give us a leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897 with any further questions you have.

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LED Lighting on Display in one of Germany's Greatest Museums

LEDs are often used in applications where color changing and strobing is required, as in stage lighting. In museum applications however, white LEDs are being used for their ultra-violet and heat free light. LED lighting was recently installed at Hamburg’s Museum of Art and Industry, a prominent museum in Germany that attracts approximately 250,000 visitors a year. LEDs were utilized in nearly every museum application from illuminating the ticket desk in the museum’s entrance to the LED bulbs that lit up the museum’s collection. The museum’s halls featured LED luminaires which provided a partial wash for hallways’ vaulted ceilings, highlighting the building’s 130 year old architecture while providing sufficient light for museum visitors to navigate the museum. Even the lighting used in the museum’s bookstore was LED, thus fulfilling the museum’s goal of making its lighting both efficient and highly functional.

The Hamburg Museum of Art and Industry provides a wonderful example of not only LED architectural lighting, but the exclusive use of white LEDs, proving that LEDs are not solely useful in color changing applications. BulbAmerica has a wide selection of architectural and stage and studio LEDs to give you the lighting you need, so check out what we have to offer. As usual, leave us a comment or question on our blog or our Facebook. Also don’t forget to give us a call at  (888)505-2111 with any further inquiries you have.
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Griven's Outdoor Lighting Attracts Investors to Ukrainian Business Park

Griven’s outdoor color changers are an important tool for any business or group that wants to draw attention to itself. This past winter in the city of Donetsk, southern Ukraine’s industrial center, employed Griven’s color changers to draw attention to its thriving commercial sector by illuminating the city’s new business park, the Stolichiny Business Center. By washing the main buildings of the Stolichiny Business Center in the rich light of Griven’s Kolorstream color changers, officials in Donetsk hoped to attract business owners who were looking for new or additional space for their businesses. Not only did Griven’s outdoor color changers illuminate the buildings with brilliant light, but they also made the buildings of the Stolichiny Business Center stand out against the other buildings in the area.
When it comes to outdoor lighting, Griven’s color changers cannot be beat. Their power, durability, and beautiful CYM color changing make them truly unrivaled. BulbAmerica carries Griven’s entire line of outdoor color changers and other products, so be sure to check out what we have to offer. As usual, be sure to leave your comments or questions on our blog or
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Light Simulates Water in Rockefeller Center with LEDs

Though it went up in 2008 and is no longer there, the Electric Fountain, a 35ft tall LED powered fountain, was truly a testament to the artistic and imaginative capabilities of LED technology. The fountain was erected in the center New York City’s iconic Rockefeller Center and featured 3,400 LED bulbs and 2,100ft of neon tubing. The LED bulbs were sequenced and timed in such a way that they realistically simulated the rise and fall of water. Amazingly, the 3,400 LED bulbs only used 120amps.The Electric Fountain drew roughly 250,000 people and demonstrated to the public the outstanding potential of LED bulbs.

Even since 2008 there have been tremendous strides made in LED technology. Today, BulbAmerica stocks numerous types of LED retrofit bulbs, outdoor LEDs, and other LED products that were not available even two years ago. It is likely that increasing numbers of LED retrofit light bulbs and applications for LEDs will reveal themselves very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for more news about LEDs and we will keep you updated. Don’t forget to leave us a message or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at 1-877-622-0897 for any further inquiries.
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LED Lights Bring a Taiwanese Department Store to Life

Telee Star Place is a department store featuring high end retailers, restaurants, and apartments in the center of Kaohsiung, the second largest city in Taiwan. The building features an avant-garde all white curving design with a ‘void’ toward the front of the building that the building’s 12 floors bend around. Though the interior of the Talee Star Place is radical, the exterior of the building is mesmerizing. The glass façade of the building has placed over it a giant aluminum lattice of metal fins and ridged pieces that create a swirling pattern on the front of the building. Fitted into the aluminum fins are LED modules which are controlled by external controls and animation software, making the building appear to come alive with light.

The LED façade of the Telee Star Place represents the boundless creativity possible with LED lighting in architectural applications. BulbAmerica has a wide range of both LED products for architectural and entertainment applications, so be sure to check out what we have to offer. As usual, leave a comment or question on our blog or Facebook or call us at (888)505-2111 with any further inquiries.


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Daft Punk Comes Alive with Moving Heads and Strobes

Some things you will always remember: your first kiss, your child’s first steps, your first bicycle—you get the picture. I certainly remember all of these things, in addition to one very bright memory: Daft Punk’s 2007 Alive tour’s concert lighting. I know it was a number of years ago now, but it just doesn’t get much better than this show. Daft Punk, a pair of French DJs, was situated in a giant pyramid surrounded by huge lattices of LED tube lights. The base and top of the pyramid were comprised of LED screens to keep the action truly non-stop. The pyramid was surrounded by two diagonally hung trusses, one on either side of the pyramid, which framed Daft Punk’s pyramid with a combined 12 moving heads powered by Philips’ MSR metal halide short arc lamps. Perpendicular the diagonally hung truss was another truss that ran the width of the stage, featuring another set of 12 moving heads and three powerful strobes to get those robotic effects necessary to match the music.

There parallel trusses were hung above the stage; these trusses featured a combined 38 moving heads and eight strobes to really create a multi-dimensional lighting experience. Mounted directly on the stage, surrounding the pyramid, were another 18 moving heads and six strobes to ensure that the lighting designers had all of their angles covered. As you can probably infer, Daft Punk’s show was packed with moving and dynamic lighting. If you have ever heard Daft Punk’s music you would know that their space-age disco hits could only be matched a lighting set up that was truly massive, ever-changing, and well, alive.

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The Tallest Skyscraper in the World's Light Show Reaches Unprecedented Heights

This past January the inauguration of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest skyscraper in the world, took place. The 2,717ft tower was inaugurated with perhaps one of the most technologically complex light shows ever created, featuring video, fireworks, and of course lighting. During the entire ceremony, 320 automated 7,000w xenon searchlights sent powerful white beams of light darting in sync with the fireworks being shot off the sides of the building. The ceremony also featured the most powerful searchlight in the world, a 72,000w xenon lamp powered single-beam search light. United Arab Emirate (UAE) newspapers reported many of the 6,000 inauguration invitees clasping the backs of their necks after nearly thirty minutes of looking up at the mesmerizing fireworks and searchlight display.

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Las Vegas' Fremont Street: An LED Spectacular

Las Vegas is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places on earth, and its Fremont Street, a shopping area lined with shops and food vendors certainly contributes to this excitement. What is unique about Fremont Street is not what is happening on the street, but what is happening 90ft above the street on the inside of the street’s canopy. Attached to the canopy is the largest LED screen in the world. The 125ft wide Viva Vision screen features an incredible 12.1 million red, green, and blue LED bulbs. The screen is powered 10 high-speed computers that control the animation, graphics, and live footage of the street displayed on the Viva Vision Screen. By using LEDs, the Viva Vision screen achieves a very high resolution and is thus an incredibly popular Las Vegas attraction.
What is amazing to me is that prior to 2004 when the screen was first unveiled, the canopy was studded with 2.1 million incandescent bulbs. Beyond the astonishingly huge task of keeping tack of the burnt out bulbs in a 2.1 million light bulb display, it is likely that the energy expenditures and heat produced by the old incandescent canopy at Freemont Street were incredible. Though the 2004 replacement of the 2.1 million incandescent bulbs with the 12.1 million LED Viva Screen probably had much to do with the higher video resolution LEDs can achieve, surely another reason was the dramatic energy savings that the LEDs contributed.
The moral of the Freemont Street LED story is that if you need outdoor video panels LEDs are really the only good choice. But, beyond this, you should replace your incandescent bulbs with LEDs, or at least CFLs, to make your lighting that much more efficient. After all, the desert is pretty hot as it is, one doesn’t need the additional heat of 2.1 million incandescent bulbs to feel the heat.

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